Going over the numbers from MPR's "'Rescued' food helps feed the hungry" article.

May 16, 2011 - 11:43am

"One in ten Minnesotans struggles with hunger."

"Minnesota throws out more than 715 million pounds of food a year."

Do those two statistics seem at odds to you? They should. Let's break down the numbers here:

• 10% of Minnesota's population = approx. 500,000 starving people.
• 715 million lbs. of food = enough to feed over 397,000 people.

Therefore - 75% of starving Minnesotans could be fed just on what the non-starving Minnesotans throw away each year.

Yup, 75%. That's a pretty significant percentage, don't you think? And don't you think someone should be doing something about this?

Well, someone is. MPR's "'Rescued' food helps feed the hungry in MN" article tells the story of food rescue organizations like Second Harvest Heartland that are working to bridge the disparity between those numbers above by picking up near-expired food from grocery stores and bringing it to local homeless shelters. Trained volunteers help make sure the food is fit to eat, but without proper (and expensive) refrigeration space, shelters can have a hard time taking full advantage of this rescued food. Read more about how the 'food rescue' process works, from MPR.

How can you help? See Second Harvest Heartland's "How To Help" page.

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