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Metamorphosis’ expertise in construction makes them invaluable. When repairs or improvements are required, I know that they are providing me with the right advice and the best possible price.
— James, South Mpls property owner
Samantha walked into our house with a new perspective. Together, we decided that how we used our space wasn’t as efficient as it could be. By moving some doorways and reconfiguring furniture, we really opened up the space. Now our home feels just right.
— Laura, Longfellow-Minneapolis
Samantha was very informative and patient throughout my homebuying experience. Her vision allowed me to see the potential in houses that really were in rough shape. Her enthusiasm was contagious. It was a great experience!
— Erin, Phalen-St. Paul
Metamorphosis is committed to helping people achieve what’s most important to them, whether it be a new home, or a remodeled Green living space. They intently listen to what it is that you want and then deliver every time, spot on.
— Julie, Uptown-Minneapolis